Monday, May 30, 2011

finding beauty

we are surrounded by it - really.
sometimes it's hard to see.
buried in laundry, dishes, housework -beauty?
these really are blessings - thank God we have clothes to wear, dishes to eat on, and a home to live in
-i've heard/read that a million times - so it's kinda lost it's power for me,
even though i know it is true.

more empowering for me though, is that mothering, and cleaning up after and raising up these precious children is the most beautiful thing i think i can possibly be given to do! 

the fact that it is so fleeting,
so temporary
shines a new light on the matter...
i can take this gift and complain about it and stomp my feet and pout at the work involved.
or i can stop, enjoy the moments and choose to see the beauty.
i would hate to have missed it.

it will be over one day.
at least this thick, loud, chaotic part will be over - and then what?
will i have done a good job?
i have spent the last few years numb to the mess, noise, discomfort, fighting, disobedience.
now i SEE that the beauty lies in every detail; pain or joy.
bringing a child from pain or sadness to peace through LVE
how beautiful is that?
if i am numb to the pain i am then numb to all of it.

beauty is in everything.
when we choose to see, we find it's been right under our noses.

have an amazing week friends!


  1. I love, love, love the picture of all of your children laying on the bed together! Doesn't it just do something wonderful for your heart to see your kids loving on each other?!

  2. Wow. You have really spoken to me today. Beautiful message!!

  3. Such a profound reminder. I say that as my kids are running around as loud as can be and driving me nuts. I try to remember that these days are short.

  4. Krystina, I love what you said. Its so true! I think 'Bliss' is watching my kids laughing together and loving the perfectly imperfect moments... very special! :) Can't wait to see you!

  5. Great post, and great reminder Krysina! Thank you. And the picture of your sweet boy in his romm.... reminds me of when mine were that age! That made me CRAZY :-) But I love the picture of all of the kids on th bed together... so sweet!


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