Monday, May 2, 2011

what my mama taught me {by Gussy}

My mom and I have such a fun, full-of-conversation relationship, and being able to talk about so many things makes any road trip, any shopping trip, any summer afternoon on the deck perfect. My mom's favorite craft is knitting; mine is sewing, and the best "craft" she's taught me is the craft of chatter. She and I love to talk; to have a honest & open conversation. Her birthday is in early April, and it just so happened that this year she would be with us the day after her birthday {we live in Minneapolis, MN; my parents are in Grand Rapids, MI}. My sweet mom drove out here to visit us for the week :] I felt so lucky!!!

For her birthday gift this year I sewed her a newer, bigger Gussy Sews knitting/tote bag ~ and she was able to watch me sew it from start to finish, something my mom has never seen me do. CRAZY, huh?! When I was learning how to sew we were living just a couple of hours from family, and as my sewing skills progressed we had moved from Detroit to Minneapolis, so it makes sense not many of our family has seen me sew.

I think what's most special to me is that as I was sharing my love for sewing with my mom, we were talking and sharing our hearts with each other. Whatever the activity, we'll fill the background noise with conversation :]

I LOVE YOU MOM, and the "craft" you taught me early on. Happy Mother's Day!


  1. So sweet!
    Thanks for giving us a piece from "gussyland".

  2. That was a beautiful post :)

  3. what a fun week this is going to be here! this mommy-love from gussy is so sweet. looking forward to all of your guests!

  4. Wow that is one big bag and since my mom is also a knitter I know big ones are needed for some projects. I know it's going to get a ton of use, she looks so proud holding it. Thanks for a great guest post; was fun to see that she's also in the mittten state.


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