Tuesday, May 10, 2011

new goodies!

lots of preparations for the stitch market and the queen bee market...
have produced some sweet new goodies for you!!

i have started sewing on cards - "sew" fun! it's my new sew retro stationery, you dig?!!
these were big sellers at both markets as were my new vino tags and my new retro covered notepads =) so i made some happy birthday banners for the queen bee and they were also a hit!

check out my shop throughout the day for new items. i will be updating on twitter -follow if you want the latest news!


  1. Such FUN stuff! I am just peeking at your shop now. LOVE those chevron note cards, and the typewriter ones. Everything looks so lovely. <3

  2. love the new goodies!!! and yes love love love sewing on cards....so cute.

  3. The "spoonful of sewing" print....SO cute!

  4. oh how I wish I lived closer. The market looks like so much fun!

  5. I love sewing lines on cards, it's awesome. We sewed fabric onto the backs of my sister's wedding invites and they looked AMAZING!

  6. ooo I love them! wish I could go to one of the markets...


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