Monday, May 23, 2011

Life doesn't stop

ok, i seriously did not want to blog about this. but it kept popping into my head.
and just now when i tried blogging about something else my post was dry and boring.
again this popped into my head. maybe i am supposed to blog about this. maybe i am not in control here
maybe i need to blog for a bigger purpose today. maybe i am called to share something that someone out there needs right now.

i have let go of the steering wheel.


the rapture didn't happen like most of us "knew" it wouldn't.
we can't expect it, or know when it will. the Bible is clear about this.
that night i lay in bed alone as my husband is flying over the ocean for a work trip,
i felt slightly terrified. 

what will it be like? i thought, naa, probably not going to happen.

though when i woke up the next day to an exploded (and i mean exploded) diaper,
bickering tweenagers, a sink full of dishes, and 15 loads of laundry, i kinda wished it had happened.

what about you?

i read an article last week from NPR how a family with one child and one on the way believed the rapture would happen for sure on the 21st and had only enough money to get to that date. they quit their jobs because they didn't see why they should be working for money or going to medical school when they should be getting ready to meet their Heavenly Father. i was deeply saddened by this couple's choices. so deeply affected that it stayed with me all day for 4 whole days. how can you be so irresponsible to your very own children? i knew it the moment i read it that they were going to be in for a sad surprise. i hope and pray that that family finds work and that they do their own research about any event before quitting their jobs again in the future.

2 things really boggled my mind about these parents:

1. Harold Camping, who "prophesied" the rapture said on the 21st for the next 158 days the rapture would be taking place - i didn't believe this guy but that family did. sooooo what about the 158 days? they didn't even pay attention to the entire schpele? maybe they are dumb or lazy? i don't know.

2. the most ridiculous thing is Harold Camping had said the rapture was coming in September of 1994 - now he says it didn't happen then because he hadn't read the book of Jeremiah yet... wow! really? oh gee - let me tell people i know when the end of the world is coming and then not even read the whole Bible?!! God's Word?!! so now what hasn't he read? i wonder if he's even read the Bible at all.

maybe i am not qualified to post this. but i am telling you from my heart i couldn't help it.
i am torn, yet i believe it is for a purpose much greater than i can understand. i am not a preacher, and don't like to scream and shout advice. yet here i am on my soapbox.

i love you and care about you all.

and when the rapture comes in the next few days or thousands of years i will be ever so ready to meet my Heavenly Father with the biggest hugs from the child-like faith i have. but i will not quit my jobs or leave my children without, in waiting for that day. i can't stop Life. i can just choose to treasure it's gifts.

(photo taken by the surfer guy on Mother's day. what gifts!)


  1. Wonderful post...Sorry about waking up to an exploded diaper...that's never fun! I can't believe the couple that you posted about though. I couldn't even imagine doing that. Happy Monday!

  2. Great post today - thank you :) And while I wasn't "waiting" for the rapture (I believe what it says in God's word, too - that no one will know the day or hour) it's a good reminder that life doesn't stop, even when we're longing for "home". Have a blessed day!!

  3. I didn't hear about that couple. How sad for them. I don't understand why anyone would believe him either. The Bible is VERY clear we don't know, we can't know and God certainly doesn't work on our timeline. I was also sad for the people that joked about the rapture saying "I guess we made it". I wish the rapture had happened, but I don't want to "make it" through it!!! I want to go with the rapture and I'm sad at how many people would not have gone. Anyhoo, good post!!

  4. i looooooved this post about it:

    so true. so humbling. so sad.

  5. I don't understand people. If they would just READ the Bible they say they believe they would KNOW that Harold Camping doesn't know when the Rapture will occur -- not even the angels.

    And I'm not going to stop living my life either. Christ told a parable in Luke 19 about a nobleman that went to a far country. He said to "OCCUPY till I come."

  6. Good word, sister. Thanks for following through with boldness to speak what God placed on your heart. Don't be ashamed and keep speaking the truth!

  7. I'm sure God still tells people to quit their jobs and be ready. He sends whole families into missions.
    However, if it were me, I would need to hear it from the Lord, instead of Howie!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. A to the men, sister! It says in Matthew 24:36 that no man - not even the Angels in heaven - know, so I can't seriously understand how any Christian, Bible reading person would believe that guy.

    And I agree - we have to endure to the end. Keep being faithful. Keep living. Prepare daily to meet our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ, but endure to the end while we're here on Earth.

    Thank you so much for your words.


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