Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No. 60} The Hunger Games

the hunger games!
yes, i am obsessed with the books.
i love the concept so much i want to go out to the woods to play hunger games, but not really.
and truly it is sad, i am thankful we do not have this way of life. but what suzanne collins does is pull you in; into another world apart from our own that ignites curiosity, passion, sadness, love, courage...  i want to be a part of the the hunger games, i want to be there, well, without anyone dying or getting hurt of course so it is not possible.

the next best thing?

going to the movie :)
thank you hollywood for immersing us in this story with music, film, and characters as best you can. i am so excited i can barely contain myself and i am embarrassing my tween and teenager. don't worry kids, i'll play it cool, real cool, with a purse full of kleenex and someone's hand to hold...

here's the trailer. it looks good to me...

are you excited?!!!
i can't wait to see what you're loving today!

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