Thursday, March 15, 2012

the hair: after

remember my horrible hair mishap last week?
it's fixed thanks to my favorite stylist at Vanity:

here's what not to do:

yes, i know what you're thinking. i watched this lady and several others. don't laugh, they're just trying to help people save money and teach them how to cut their own hair. i said don't laugh! if you watch the video you'll see she uses huge scissors, not hair cutting scissors and she uses a technique that while it may work for some it hacked my hair. why i was convinced to try it on my own, i do not know, except maybe the fact that earlier in the day i had a starbucks double shot guarana +B energy drink to drive a car full of 13 year old girls home from six flags magic mountain, and not fall asleep driving on the freeway somewhere between Hollywood and Huntington Beach. it is possible i was not totally myself. and maybe don't try everything you see on youtube is my lesson?!! oh, yea, that old saying do not try this at home.

i promised my stylist i would never cut my own hair again. she was like oh, it's not that bad and then halfway through she was like, oh, dear, um... ok so we have to cut quite a bit off to fix this. i knew it, i was prepared for it. i got a glass of wine when i walked into the salon...
i told her about my youtube experience, i had her laughing, i think she felt sorry for me until she finished. she rocks. i love my new hair!

if you want her number email me and i can send you her way :)
what kind of hairstyle do you currently have or want?