Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Clever {No. 21} The Hunger Games

a party on a shoestring

attendance is mandatory!
made in district 7 (trees, lumber = paper)
use the font from the movie; bank gothic. it was already on my Mac.
you can also purchase it.
click here for this free printable invitation i made for you :)
the actual printable is a bit larger and clearer
print onto colored paper :)

print out or purchase movie/book posters to hang
copy the mockingjay from the cover and cut it out and
hang up mockingjays around the party
have toy parachutes attached to your party favors
have everyone dress up:
  • like tributes
  • like the oddly bright citizens from the capitol
  • like Effie! haha
  • like Katniss, Peeta, Gale...
crafts & games:
  • make iron-on tee shirts with the mockingjay or the words: "may the odds be ever in your favor"
  • bookmarks from cut pages
from sotheysay on etsy. use this stamp to make your own.
  • to really save money you can print out the mockingjay and trace it onto a white tee shirt (or other things) with a sharpie. 
  • for my daughter's thick shirt i had to hang it on a window for light to see what i was tracing since i don't have a light box :)
  • pin a target on a wall or better yet, have a stuffed animal set up to shoot toy arrows at
  • play manhunt
music from district 12 for the party

make cookies

more great dishes from fictional food
take turns reading your favorite section from the book aloud.
and be sure to serve hot chocolate!

i can't wait to see what fun DIYs you link up today!