Monday, March 5, 2012

turns out i'm not good at everything...

ok friends, i hope you still love me after this post.

i think i am humble enough to post it.

what you are about to see is something horrendous.

something not for the weak at heart or weak in the knees.

consider yourself warned...

i decided to cut my own hair.
it was layers, so i thought i could give it a trim,
uh... no.

exibit A:
not so bad you say?

how about with the longest layer back?
here are the short layers.
too short, and not at all like a salon goer.

go ahead, laugh.
no really, get it out.
it's good for you.

really? REALLY?
yea, really.
going to the salon any minute now.
the stylist who gets me tomorrow will call me her karma under her breath
and secretly want to kill me for all of 30 minutes until she works her magic.

i had one other horrible hair mishap in my life,
i was getting it bleached platinum blonde too often so it started breaking off.
so my friend helped me shave my head.
now you're scared. i can tell.
don't worry i was 19, a little punk rock, and 
i kept my bangs so i looked like a pixie.
yep, only a 19 year old can claim to be a punk rock pixie.

tell me your hair mishaps and make me feel better
in your embarrassing miseries while i put on a hat.