Friday, March 9, 2012


what a full week.
and i am fully exhausted!
happy, just ready for a nap.
here's my week through instagram...

on saturday we went on a little trip...
i gave clues on instagram to see if anyone could guess my location.

ragamuffin beauties on instagram / @jennilynncarr on twitter 
won $10 in the shop for guessing first :)

six flags magic mountain for my daughter's 13th birthday.

they had a blast!

mr. boy and i did too.

he's so cute. and yes, God help me, i have a teenager
and a toddler under one roof. the best is yet to come, i'm sure.

reading the hunger games with my 11 y.o. well, she's onto the next book.
i'm still in the middle of this one. yes, i am a slow reader. 
hoping to get faster by reading more.

we took a walk on the beach and my boy handed me a shell.
he's so sweet.

March photo a day "5:00" i was at pick up for gymnastics... with starbucks.

her card i made. can you believe i have a 13 year old?
no i wasn't 15 when i had her either, i was 24. 

she got a nook from Gammy. lucky girl!

took her out to in -n- out. holy cow, i never knew this was here.
John 3:16, the surfer guy pointed it out to me. awesome!

then we took her to dessert.
oh. my. word. i love extraordinary desserts.
this was incredible!

how was your week?
i hope you have a wonderful weekend.
i know i am looking forward to some down time.

Sweet Shot Day