Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty Clever {No. 20}

it's my new shipping nook!
recently shipping had become my least favorite step in the handmade shop process.
i love design, printing, cutting, and packaging, however, when it came to shipping
i found myself either procrastinating it or hating it.
i decided to analyze what the problem was.
i noticed it was taking a hour to ship a few items... an HOUR!

because scissors are at my desk, packaging tape 20 feet away in the laundry room cabinet,
labels are at my desk, boxes are in the laundry room, packaging pretties in the laundry room,
markers at my desk, business cards in the laundry room...

can you see what was happening? why it was taking an hour?
i was going all over the house to put an order together!

now it's all nice and neat stored in one convenient place...
my shipping nook!
i love it!

you don't have to spend tons of money to create your shipping space.
it doesn't need to take an entire weekend, or take up a whole room in your house.
just gather your supplies into a cabinet or closet and add pretty decor.

how to:
with 3M command strips i added:
a mini heart clothes pin to the inside of a cabinet door...
to hold the packing slips while i put together each order, then it gets dated and filed.

a mini clipboard with a calendar to the inside of the other door so i can mark the packing slips as: shipped on "date" and besides, i love calendars!
i added my first Queen Bee Market wooden badge "when life gives you hands, you make handmade".

i hung my mini banner from my booth at the fall Queen Bee Market with hooks to the inside of the top shelf so it doesn't get in the way of opening or closing the cabinet doors.
i added pens, markers, packaging pretties, boxes, envelopes, packaging tape, scissors, mailers, biz cards, and biz labels in the cabinet.

+ flattened boxes and wrapping paper between my washer and dryer held in a large gift bag.

and a pretty little framed print on the dryer for the final touch :)
now i just print shipping labels, packing slips, and thank you cards at my desk
and take it all over to the top of my dryer...
to "the shipping nook" for pretties and packaging!
now i love shipping just as much as my other shop duties.
pssst, it also doubles as a gift wrapping nook ;)

do you have a little shipping "department"?



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