Friday, March 2, 2012


can you believe it is already March? 
time is flying crazy fast...
i must be getting old.

here is my week through instagram... 
my little baker is the best. 
this was, hands down, the most amazing banana bread i've ever had!

ironing for the first time in probably a year. 
i tend to procrastinate those ugly wrinkled piles.
i ironed for 2 hours. that should cover me for a few years again :)

look what i found hiding in the fridge, waiting for the perfect time :)

lunch. i absolutely love basil.

my new journal. the cover reminds me art from my childhood. i love it!

hoppity hop in the air. this kid has figured out how to make our 
home into a playground since he can't get enough of the park!

turned the page to the new month on my Much Ado About You fridge calendar :)

how was your week?
what did you do?


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