Friday, March 23, 2012


here is my week through instagram...
working to "West Coast" by Coconut records, i love this song!
cutting playdate cards :)

yay, i got a new pair of scissors. boo, i need scissors to open the packaging :(
that little button or snap is useless; just for looks i guess.

matzo cracker. one big one ;)

corned beef brisket for st. pattty's day dinner.
i used this recipe. how was your st. patty's day?

a playdate in the park... tunnel tag :)

teeny tiny little trees...

see? ok, just kidding, they're just weeds, but i love their tops :)

fruit smoothie time

i wanted pizza for lunch, so i used rosemary crusty bread added veggies and 
provolone and popped it in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes. 

mockingjay! i'm on the third book of the hunger games.
looking forward to the movie tomorrow!!!!!!!

he's just too cute. i had to take a pic of his undies peeking out :)

how was your week?

ps. this giveaway ends today.

Sweet Shot Day