Friday, April 29, 2011

what's behind door no. 1? + a surprise

have you ever wondered what's behind "door no. 1" in my blog header?

would you like to know?

it's my craft room
the creative arcade :)

next week my "door"
will be "labeled", my thought bubble might have a
different thought, and i have a big surprise for you...

all next week
i am featuring

wonderfully sweet fellow bloggers everyday!

they will be sharing what their mothers taught them
with you right here on lollipops, squeee!

i am so excited to host some of my favorite ladies,
i know you are going to love it!

have a wonderful weekend!


  1. what a super idea for a series!! i will totally be reading:))

  2. Your blog design is so cute <3 it!

  3. I just stubbled across you blog today and I must say it's quite the lucky accident. Your blog is adorable. I look forward to your series next week =)

  4. hiii! omgshh I love your blog! so cute and unique! :)

  5. love that! :) thanks for sharing, I hadn't wondered quite honestly, but as soon as you asked the question I thought "Yes, I wonder!?!" haha!


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