Friday, April 15, 2011

Photography Friday: {instagram}

i am linking up with Jeannett for insta friday!

ship building and race at school medieval fundraiser

horse pulling event

cold mom waiting for said events to be over.
it was very fun. but cold.

 Brockman and his buddy Brady on the big slide

a walk in Avila Beach

oooo, color inspiring lollipops!

a nice quote

we have the most delicious lemons!

time for lemonade!

bright aisle at Michaels

a late night of handmade paper goodness

a nice dinner i made tuesday night

my little guy fell asleep behind his bench and curtains, under the
window, with bear. so sweet.

happy weekend!


  1. oh my goodness, that last one where you little boy fell asleep is so precious! My son has never done that so it's so fun to see pictures of kiddos falling asleep mid-play!

  2. How did you find your son?
    So cute!
    Love the michael's aisle, but you made me want to go....

  3. OOOOOh, Lemonade! Shoot, now I have to run out and get some lemons.

  4. that picture of brockman is way too cute!! the thought of finding a super cozy hiding spot, and then falling asleep, ahhhh!

  5. I love how little ones can fall asleep anywhere. :-)

  6. cute! love all the colors. and your little one snuggling with the wall is too precious! ;)

  7. awesome pictures for a cell phone camera, that's talent. I have to agree your sleeping boy is the most precious!

  8. these are all so cute and happy!

  9. What a beautiful life! Here from Sweet Shot!

  10. Did you really cram all that into one day? Love it! The lollipops are great and so is the photo of the paper goodness!


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