Friday, April 8, 2011

Photography Friday: {instagram}

my friend {in real life} Jeannett is doing insta fridays - so i am linking up with her!

up until wednesday i was using my cheesy phone camera then emailing it to my iPod touch and then sending pics through instagram. clever? or embarrasing? whatever it was, it's a lot easier now. i lurv my iPhone ;P i think i mostly love that the pics are so much clearer and nicer than they were on muh shabby 2 year old cell.

here was my week
never enough coffee

 at the park...

kitty in Soleil's vanity

watching the news

dentist's waiting room 

family game night: uno

how was your week?
what did you do?



  1. looks like a lovely week! is that uno cards i see???? love that just never gets old!

  2. I love the kitty in the vanity, so cute! I have that same bedroom set from when I was a kid, or a similar one, but it's not pink. I think they are gold.

  3. Love the photographs :)


  4. I consider myself an Instagram-addict!! Glad that I am not the only one in the world that loves it! =)
    Great pics!

  5. UNO! so, i really do hate games, but that's one i can occassionaly make an exception for. :)


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