Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Man Shower Invites...

i made some invitations for this shower
put on by my friends Lindsey and Joy. they did an amazing job!

here are the invites i made
ok, time to do an argyle, pinstripe, polka-dot & houndstooth sigh... *sigh*
Lindsey and Joy gave me the theme and color specs and left the rest up to me!
i had so much fun!

btw, i am so thrilled for Kate - she is getting her boy after 3 girls.
how sweet!

in honor of Kate i am giving a 20% discount in my shop for the month of april!
code: aprilbowties



  1. i love everything about that shower. pure talent:))

  2. Such a cute shower for a little man. I just love the invites! The green envelopes totally pull it all together. :)

  3. Just when I think I couldn't love anything more... You go and do a houndstooth bow-tie.

  4. i LOVE those little bow ties! i'd love any suggestions you have for a little cowboy shower!?!


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