Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Boutique {The Stitch Market}

for goodies like these 

you need to join us for

for the address please email me:
krystina {at} lollipopsards {dot} com
it's in san luis obispo, california
i hope you can make it!
if not you can always visit the stitch market blog for links
to all the online shops :)

happy day!


ps. don't forget to enter this week's giveaway!


  1. if only i lived a tad bit closer i would totally be there!!! looks so so fun!

  2. oh, if I didn't live in N. Michigan! take tons of pics!!

  3. Love to see the market! Would like to come and buy everything - but i'm here in austria/vienna. I think it's too far away :( Best wishes Barbara

  4. Ahhh.... bummer... we are out of town that week :(

    On of these days I will make it to a Stich Market!!1

    I need to contact you soon too.... Nat wants some "big boy" playdate cards :)

  5. that looks just lovely! i want to go!!! darn ohio.

  6. it's a "pretty" overload! Everything looks so lovely


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