Thursday, April 28, 2011

hello thursday

i just wanted to give you a quick update, or
well, ahem, let you know that
i am rather up to my eyeballs in papery-goodness 

 i have been hard at work...
preparing for the stitch market and
yee-haw! i hope to see you at one or the other,
or better yet -both!

thankful for this right about now ;P

i will be updating my shop after Queen Bee
with lots of new goodies!



  1. Oh, you are busy! Good luck with the markets!

  2. So sad we didn't get to meet! But such a SWEET shot! :)

  3. Cool photos and processing.

  4. papery-goodness is a good thing, right? Can't wait to see what it unfolds.

  5. Great shots and I hope you had some success at the Queen Bee Market. I have the next one on my calendar so I don't forget to attend. :)


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