Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the art of handmade

some things are harder to do than they look - ie; ever watch a gymnast make a quadruple back handspring flip thingy look super easy, or an olympic skiier make mogles look easy (and fun)? in both instances i would break my neck and end up in a body cast.

our work is something we had to learn. it doesn’t just happen with a wiggle of the nose, though i wish my house would be cleaned that way like Samantha’s was. it takes time, learning, and mostly time. time being a wife, mother, teacher, means my time and yours are precious. using it wisely is the pot at the end of the rainbow.

remember not to squander the gifts, skills, talents and abilities God gives you to share with the world.

appreciate truly handmade goods and their artist
isn’t it a beautiful thing that the artist has designed, created, and lovingly made her goods through her hands?

be original; copy cats are hurting the very community in which they so want to be a part of. once you become an artist you see this topic is guarded with passion and protection of the most precious kind... community love

love - which is greater and stronger than all things; over power, money, war - is love.
be original, be real, be loving, give - this is how my passion comes out and this is how i create.


  1. krystina...you are a doll. a lot of thought and time and energy goes into making something handmade. it is art. personal art. embracing and encouraging one anothers art is the way to go:)
    great post.

  2. wonderful post.. thks for sharing.. I take pride in what I create... always.. xo


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