Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No. 72}

did you see that? the title is what i LOVE wednesday.
not what i wore wednesday.
don't get me wrong i appreciate that you are here linking up with me,
i am just a stickler for correctness. exactness. like a police officer - it's embarrassing sometimes.
my very good friend Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy has a linky party for:
"What I Wore Wednesday" that is where you can link up what you wore.
over here on lollipops you can link up what you LOVE.
and if you LOVE what you WORE which is quite common then i guess it's fine.
it's just that it seems less fitting than the purpose in which this linky party was designed.
i haven't mentioned anything, but i open the what i love party last wednesday a.m.
and there are only what i wore links. it's kind of like, hmmmm...
well, it's kind of like not following directions, really.
yea, i know i don't follow rules for lots of things, grammar, punctuation, spelling...
to name a few, but that is on my blog. try to follow the directions when you
attach yourself to someone else's blog - just a tip ;)

so to be clear, here's how it works:
  1. you link up what you love from your blog with a permalink.
  2. you add my what i love button to your post to tell people where you are linking up.
  3. i come and visit your loves. 
easy peasy lemon squeezy ;)

what do i love today?
i love visiting YOU.
your blogs linked up with what you LOVE - i love seeing what you LOVE!!!

here are just a few of my favorite LOVES of yours!!

thank you all for loyally joining me each week to share your loves.
i am thoroughly enjoying each and every week full of 
happy, fun, silly, lovely, helpful, sweet, loves :)

ps. i tried to make an image map for clickable links to each photo only to find after several hours that image maps are only supported on firefox and opera according to W3 schools, ah, that's why it wasn't working! feel free to go back through WILWs to find some of these faves :) happy day!