Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Sponsor Love

 meet Erika...
I believe in Jesus' redemption, lots of laughter and at least two cup of coffee every morning.

I love my family, my friends, lots of sleep and eating as much chips and salsa as I can handle.

I'm a self-proclaimed dork, I prefer pie over cake any day and have been teaching myself to sew since third grade. (apparently I'm a slow learner.)


I blog WITHOUT excuse for who I am
Without shame for my imperfections.
I share
what’s on my heart, my mind,
what’s burning in my soul.
I share with you
Snippets of our families life.
But I do it for me.
To give this blog as a gift to my children someday.
So they can look back and see their successes,
their lives…. their journey.


A perfect day for me starts somewhere by the beach,
whether it be walking my dog, biking or going for a morning surf.
Then on to checking e-mails, connecting with friends
and writing about something hopefully worth sharing.
Walking out to my shop I'm anxious to get started on a project, new job or idea.
If the day goes my way I get to comb my favorite thrift stores and hit the
farmers market.


She enjoys all things crafty, wearing flip flops 365 days per year, talking about herself in third-person,reading, thrifting, and baking. Her love of vintage finds started as a child, and she loathes spending money on anything brand new.

Kimmie believes in God. She believes in kindness. She believes in second chances and happily ever after.

She is the PTA President at her daughter's school, and "room mom" for both kids' classrooms. She attends college full-time taking online courses; she may go to school forever just to continue learning. She works part-time for the family business, and spends her free time reading her favorite blogs.


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i love getting to know all these fabulous ladies and read what they have to say.
isn't it a true blessing, this blogging community?