Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Post {Knitty Bitties}

Top 10 things I'm looking forward to this summer::
1. Time with My Little
We have 7 short weeks of summer break and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest!
2. Eating Outside
Why does a meal taste better outside?? I love casual dinners on our patio, date nights with my Sweets on a local resturant's patio or picnic dinners as a family.

3. Reading
A love of mine I've neglected the last few years. I will be making time for reading this summer. Currently I'm reading Kisses from Katie {which will stir your soul in the most wonderful ways}.
4. Playdates 
Catching up on time with friends ... for me and for my Little.
5. Biking
I got a cruiser bike for my birthday and I couldn't love it more. Lots of bike rides planned with my Little. In fact we'll be challenging ourselves to ride more miles with incentives like ice cream and snow cones.
6. Family Vacation
We're still figuring out what this will look like this year, but time together without the constraints of work schedules = a vacation, no matter where we go. Memories are made when we're together.
7. Swimming
A summer staple. I don't particularly love to swim, but I love to watch my Little spend hours swimming away. I like to stay poolside and dip my legs/toes when I get really hot.  Our local water park isn't half bad either ... this is one time I DO get in the water, it's too fun not to!
8. 4th of July
Love this day and celebrating our great nation with family.
9. Summer Treats
Homemade Ice Cream, popscicles, Snow Cones, Sonic Happy Hour ...
basically anything cold and sweet!!
10. Late mornings and Late nights
Enjoying the freedom of our own schedule with sleeping in and staying up late!
What's on your top 10 for this summer? Whatever it is, I hope you take time to put off some of you "have-to's" and enjoy more of your "want to's"!

knitty bitties