Tuesday, June 26, 2012

brown butter cookie company

we just had to stop at the brown butter cookie co. a while back.
if you have never tried their delectable delights, you are truly missing out!

i have no idea how they do it. 
it seems simple, yet amazingly delish!

they make cookies that are to die for!
visit these wonderful ladies in Cayucos or shop online by clicking here.

i treated my mom and the kids... and myself ;) to their original and the cocoa
i LOVE both {so sweet}

here are some fonts that are close to the 
brown butter cookie company's fonts ;)

i believe they use baskerville in capital letters for
"brown butter cookie company"

and they chose a very sweet font for "cookies".
i found one that is similar but not exact... fling

i love how they paired these fonts for such sweet packaging!

have a wonderful day!
treat your self today for a mid week respite -
cookies perhaps, or a nice lounge in the afternoon sun :)