Friday, June 29, 2012

InstaFriday {Birthday edition} and a video!

on my way to see my mom at my Nana's :)

a yummy yogurt concoction my Soleil made.
Francesca made me a huge birthday poster and hung it at 
5am so it was sure to be up well before me ;)

and my little Francesca is making me red velvet cupcakes for my birthday.

she did a great job! so tasty!
they lit candles and sang me happy birthday -
love hearing my kids, especially the toddler, singing to me :)

on our way out and about on 'the' day :)

IKEA is for eating ribs and jumping on beds. 

had to have this big IKEA Stockholm throw pillow

and i love this one so much it inspired a makeover!!
come back for the post on monday!

the surfer guy took me out to the fish market... yum!

and he spoiled me.

time to write thank you cards. 
just grabbed these out of my shop :)

a vinegar soak to remove the yucky white film our old 
ancient dishwasher left before we got a new one.
the recipe for the vinegar soak is here.

this is my girls singing "starships" and apparently 
Mr. Boy doesn't seem to like it very much... hahahaha.

how was your week?

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