Monday, June 4, 2012

show business

there's no business like show business...
i have whole a lot to learn. it's like an entirely different world, really.
with it's own language, it's own way of working, and it's own rules.
© 1968 Embassy Pictures Corporation

and in other ways it's just like our world;
the actor must portray real feelings, be highly professional, and enjoyable to work with.

firstly, i would like to clarify - this is going to be a process (as i excitedly, possibly, haphazardly mentioned in my post last week). i am not quitting anything right now, i still have my shop with paper goodies, i am cultivating a web design business -this will help pay for me to go back and forth to LA for auditions, and i will continue to have my blog :) i may phase out of paper, however, it would be in about a year or two from now, and i may not phase out of it, it's hard to say right now (i love it so much!)

what i know (or think i know) i'm supposed to do in "the biz":
first get very good headshots from a photographer who knows how to do headshots
(i used the timer on my camera and found some decent shots -shhhh don't tell mmmkay?!!)
then get an agent. agents are only interested if you have experience or have gone to reputable, known schools for acting -or you're just incredibly beautiful. i have none of these in my pocket (my experience is minimal) then submit yourself for roles and hope your agent (which i do not have, submits you as well) go on auditions, get parts.

at this point the odds are stacked pretty high against me,
however that's what dreams are right?

i read this the other night:
"Dreams are why we stay alive. If you leave out your dreams you leave out the very best part of you as a human being." -Michael Shurtleff

one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, many well thought-out choices along the path to fulfilling the dream. we all have to start somewhere. the key is progress, no matter how small. to do something every day...

so i am working on a demo reel (a video of me acting). so casting directors and agents can see if i am worth their time. i am currently studying Shakespeare and learning Iambic Pentameter. i am reading (devouring) books on acting and the business. i am rehearsing roles and bit parts for proficiency of technique.

i will keep you posted :)