Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty Clever {No. 17}

a new print in the shop :)
the story goes like this, the surfer guy recommended this band to me, namely this song. i didn't like it at all at first! haha. well you may not like it at first either, you may already love it. it definitely grew on me. i love it. it's fun to dance to with the whole family! so as the story goes, we moved to a new town and it's different here, i am trying to make some friends (read this post for that story). i was having a tough time. then i remembered this song. so i made this print for the surfer guy for Christmas. 
it was his favorite gift :)

thank you Edward Sharpe for inspiring this print and creating 
such a fun upbeat song that touches my heart.

so many things inspire us to create. what has inspired you lately?

i can't wait to see your clever DIYs today!
please link up :)