Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pretty Clever {No. 16} with guest Stacy Lynn

DIY recycled tee shirt scarf. 
This is a great project to do with kids and a great way to recycle those old t-shirts!

All you need is one t-shirt and a pair of scissors! There is no sewing involved and they only take about 10 minutes to make! Enjoy!

step one: Cut the bottom of the t-shirt off to get a clean edge.
step two: Cut 5 or more 3" strips across the bottom of the t-shirt. The more strips, the thicker the scarf. You can use two or more colored t-shirts for a totally different look! The options are endless! That's what makes these scarves so fun! You can also cut the strips 2" for a thinner look.

step three: Stretch and pull each strip so it sort of turns into a "noodle".

step four: Stack up all your strips and pull together.

step five: Cut out the ties. I made mine 2" wide x 12" long out of each color.
step six: Tie your stack tightly together. I used a square knot so it will stay put. You can also add a bow or decorate with your favorite pin.

These are so fun to make and great to give away. They are comfy to wear...

just like your favorite t-shirt!

Thanks for reading!
stacy lynn


Stacy is one of my favorites! i love her style!
i have posted her several times on what i love wednesday
she's a hit at the queen bee markets and all the boutiques 
i've had the pleasure of being a vendor with her at :)
she is super sweet and hilarious, she cracks me up!
so please stop by her shop today, she also makes lovely wares!

and don't forget to share your DIYs! i can't wait to see :)