Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blog Etiquette - Bloggy Lessons {No. 02}

i don't pretend to know everything about blogging manners, however,
i certainly try to be on my best behavior.
i use common sense and ethics from daily living. there's an entire book written on how to behave and why, it's titled The Bible. it's quite popular, in fact it's the most read book! you can probably even find yourself a free copy. one of the things the Bible points out is:
not to lie. 
very simple. do not lie. 
it just makes a mess of things and your life, hurts the ones you love and the ones around you. it affects more people and hurts more than you may realize. in the blogosphere your content and blog are seen by many, they are visual proof of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and right there on your blog is visual proof of what you share.

maybe i'm too strict? maybe i'm being nitpicky, maybe i'm expecting too much?

my blog is not perfect, neither am i. He is the only perfect one. yet i don't need to say i have big name sponsors when i just want to put their button in my sidebar -i can title that "inspiration" or "fun places" or "my reads", but not "sponsors" unless they ARE in fact sponsoring lollipops via payment or trade.

Sponsor definition:
spon·sor   [spon-ser]

1. a person who vouches or is responsible for a person or thing.
2. a person, firm, organization, etc., that finances and buys the time to broadcast a radio or television program so as to advertise a product, a political party, etc.
3. a person who makes a pledge or promise on behalf of another.

i am pretty sure this means both parties are aware of the sponsorship - the blog and the sponsor. 
makes sense, right? how would the Pioneer Womanthe Nester, or Tatertots and Jello feel if they were "sponsoring" your blog unknowingly. are you trying to convince readers to sponsor you because these big names supposedly are?
i am all for having a pretty sidebar, just title it appropriately.

lying can come in many forms, taking credit for an idea or photo that isn't yours is also lying.
sadly, it seems some don't know this. since it is clear to me, i will help those who are unsure. feel free to ask me if you are unsure about the ethics of something on your blog, send me an email and i will be glad to help. although your first clue will be that you need to ask...

if bloggers are going to lie, they can go ahead, i can't stop them, in fact it will help me to know what kind of person they truly are.

i try to keep an upbeat happy blog and try not to dispense too much unsolicited advice, but i wear my heart on my sleeve so honesty is unavoidable. i know i appreciate others sharing their help, beliefs, and values with me, so i hope you can appreciate me sharing with you.

what are your thoughts on blogging honestly?