Friday, February 17, 2012


this week, as you'll see, began sweet, mellow, and fun and ended on a sad note...

this is a wonderful mother/daughter Valentine's making party
we attended over the weekend

i like this mom, she knows how to get her craft on...

i was happy there were other moms in my new town 
who could sit and craft all day like myself :)

this is for my man ;)

on Valentine's day i set up a tea for my girls :)

i whipped up nutella croissants, and brought out my new vintage china from france
(wait then if it's from france is it still considered 'china'??)
all i know is it's so stinkin pretty and i got it for a steal!

steeping and stirring

the surfer guy came home and surprised us girls with some very lovely
(and very unexpected) gifts!

next day: a text i wrote to him.

2 days after Valentine's day i wake to this.
no it's not a new designer striped wallpaper - it's vertical lines
going down my screen and it's frozen there.
i am *mostly* backed up. i will be taking it in to get fixed.
i am only working on a blog re-do and 
a new and very complex website, no big deal.
i am blogging to you from the surfer guy's laptop...
thank God! otherwise i would die if i couldn't post for you.
send prayers ;)
this is where i create, learn, share... pin.
k? i need this made in china piece of machinery to be working asap.
(wait if it's made in china, is this china?)
te-hee hee, just checking if you are still reading or if you fell asleep!

have an amazing 3 day weekend friends!

Sweet Shot Day