Friday, February 3, 2012


what a busy week. we went to las vegas for a cheerleading competition
and got to tour around a little bit. we enjoyed a few buffets :)
i highly recommend the bellagio and the paris buffets for breakfast!
this is the year of the dragon celebration at the bellagio, 
enormous statues covered in all flowers!

a ride in the canal at the venetian. 
the gondolier sang lovely italian songs for us!

look who's on the other side of the gondola :)

poseidon and zeus in the forum shops at caesars palace

the newer part of the caesars palace has these gorgeous ceilings held by
four humungous statues (about 50 feet tall each)

time for tea while the boy naps

january photo a day inside my fridge (well mini-bar anyway)

cheer time. what a blast! the squad did so well, i am so proud of them!

no place like home... no place like home :)
-can't beat shag carpet in cozy socks with no cigarette smoke, slot machine noises, vegas etc-

ahh, an after workout yummy. i love eating like this :)

how was your week?
have a happy weekend!

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