Friday, September 16, 2011

Shop Talk Live Twitter Chat

Calling all craftepreneuers: Join me for a special one-hour chat on Twitter today at 12 noon PST about our shop talk series!

How this works, and how can I participate?
First things first, if you haven’t yet signed up on Twitter — now would be a perfect moment to grab your account.
Also, follow me on twitter @lollipopscards

The way “Twitter chats” work is that people connect by using and following a specific hashtag. We’ll be using the “#shoptalk” hashtag. A hashtag is simply a special keyword (often preceded by a # symbol) that you add to your tweet, which lets people know you’re responding to a particular conversation or issue and connects you with others around topics of common interest.

So, for example, a sample tweet to join this chat could be: “Hi, my name’s Margaret, and I want to know how you organize your day as a biz owner. #shoptalk” (note the hashtag inserted at the end)

Also if you search for #shoptalk and keep that window open you will see all tweets for this chat whether or not you follow the tweeters :)

To see the shop talk series first visit this link: Shop Talk

Talk soon!