Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shop Talk | Collecting $$

Welcome to day twelve of our shop talk series!
Etsy and bigcartel use paypal for completing transactions for orders. You sign up for a paypal account and your money goes from your shop to your paypal account and then you can deposit it into your linked bank account. Paypal is safe and easy, I have used it for 10 years -since my old eBay days!

What I am really excited to tell you about is an awesome app called

I love square. This free app works with your iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone! They will send you a free credit card reader that plugs into your headphone jack and swipes credit cards for a small fee!

Bring it to dinner with friends and charge your friends' credit cards when they forget to bring cash! HAHA! Just go to sign up - super easy. They will mail out your card reader, perfect for boutiques, trunk sales, home shows, flea markets, and craft fairs. I love how it let's the buyer sign right on your device with their finger and emails a receipt to them instantly with my logo and shop information on it!
Happy selling!
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  1. So cool! Makes me wish my business was more out and about. Right now my business is mostly downloading digital content which takes care of itself even with me away from my computer.


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