Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Make Your Own Email Signature -Video-

Welcome to day six of our Shop Talk series!
So far this is as close as I will get to "vlogging" :)
I hope it is helpful. Enjoy!

After you watch the video and create your signature, you can add a shop link to you signature so when the email recipient clicks your signature their browser will open to your online shop :)

Here's how to add the link:
In Apple Mail compose a new email and add your signature to the body.

Highlight the part of the signature you want to add a link to and click edit,
and then click link and "add"

 Type in the URL.

Click OK. Then copy and paste that signature replacing your signature in "Signatures". 

It will look the same but now have the link!

Happy designing! See you tomorrow for Advertising.


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