Friday, September 16, 2011

Productivity & Balance

Welcome to day eleven of our shop talk series.
My biggest challenge is balance.

Taking care of myself, exercising, eating right, taking a break, spending quality time with the family.

Quality time: not nagging, disciplining, just being together sometimes one on one if possible. It is a challenge to do all of these things, however, when I do them I find that the kids are happier and well behaved so it is easier for me to focus with less interruptions. I feel better when I eat right and exercise, I have more energy and am happier in general. Getting my rest and relaxing once in a while allows my mind to quiet - and when it does new ideas come jumping in!

Balance doesn't just happen. You need to plan it. Literally write it in your schedule - exercise, quality time with family, and resting.

It's helpful having meals planned out like, breakfast tomorrow is over easy egg on wheat toast with a banana and glass of milk, lunch is greek salad and iced tea, dinner is roasted chicken and root vegetables and glass of water. You can write down a week's or month's worth of menus or sometimes I just jot down an idea during the day so I won't forget my bright idea for dinner when I am starving and the kids are screaming :)

Time for me? Maybe something like this:
Saturday from 11-3 no work. relax, read, lay in the pool, take a walk, sketch. No phone calls, no emails, no social networking UNPLUG for 4 hours a week at least! I pick my toddler's nap time and tell my girls to go read or something or they go off with dad for a walk or ice cream.

The key is planning. If this is done I am more collected, focused, inspired, healthier, happier, and efficient!

I recently read these tips from Robin Sharma on productivity. I believe if you plan these into your schedule you will be balanced and productive.

From Robin Sharma; "I wanted to share 17 of the tactics I’ve learned that I know will help you lean into your productive best in this age of dramatic distraction:"
I love how he said dramatic distraction - it's so true.
Note the down times and boundaries on interruptions.
I have a really hard time doing 10 and 14.
The surfer guy has been getting me up at 5:30 am and doing power workouts with me. The first 2 days I thought I was going to die. Now I'm doing ok. It's a boost and I am glad I am finally doing it. Download this list and print it out and see what you can work towards.


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  1. Thanks so much for this - I've downloaded it and put it up on my cubicle!


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