Thursday, September 15, 2011

Etsy & Bigcartel

I love the ease of use that both these online shops have.

Bigcartel is easy, just sign up add your wares and you're off!
Etsy, same thing.
With bigcartel you can customize the HTML and have ads and change the colors.

Also on bigcartel, people are shopping your shop, not seeing any other competition.
On etsy there are millions of shops with so many beautiful goodies.

However, you might get noticed on etsy because of this, where-as with bigcartel you must drive all your own traffic. If no-one knows you're there then your shop won't get visited. On bigcartel you don't have to have an account to shop as you do through etsy. I wanted to make it easier for my customers to shop so I moved to bigcartel. When I moved from etsy to bigcartel I only had 30 views a day... That was with 200+ blog followers and 400 twitter followers. My sales actually went down once I moved from etsy. I then decided to use both. I already printed my bigcartel shop on my biz cards so I didn't want to close it. Now I am getting orders through both, but slightly more from etsy believe it or not!
Etsy has a wonderful team of help! Every few days I get fabulous newsletters on selling, pricing, ideas, marketing etc.
Etsy is more of a community with groups and circles - it's very fun!
Etsy has a 20 cent listing fee per item and then a percentage of the sale. Bigcartel charges a flat rate per month starting at $10 - there is a free option to list 5 items - this might work for you.
There are several other online shopping sites, however, I am unfamiliar with them and am happy with etsy and bigcartel.

Take a few moments or hours and research the best fit for you. If you already have a huge following, you might save money with bigcartel.

Happy researching and shopping ;P


  1. I noticed the change for many people-nice to know the difference-when and if I open something! ;)

  2. I googled 'Big Cartel' in the blog section and your link came up. Since it has 'lollipops' in it I was intrigued... my shop name is Snowcone & Lollipop Designs. I'm so glad that I found your blog! I just switched from an ETSY shop to a Big Cartel because of the fees. I am so glad I did it - I love that you can customize everything on Big Cartel. I'm just hoping that the traffic will come. I can tell it is going to take a lot more advertising effort.

    Small world because I am also sponsoring Rouge & Whimsy! Are you taking part in the swap?

    I'm your newest follower :)

  3. Is it possible to have the same items in both shops? Seems like most of the effort is in photographing/photoshopping the items. I am on Etsy now: and would like to expand...


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