Thursday, July 14, 2011

a prayer list...

something i have done off and on,
something which the book the help re-inspired me to do.
in the book, Aibileen spends hours writing 
her prayer list every night after a long day of work.
every night.
they are referred to as 'super prayers' because they work.

writing down personal prayer requests and for those in need,
is a beautiful exercise.

the most amazing thing is
looking back at my list later,
and seeing all the answered prayers.
i am always so moved.

sometimes we forget how many He grants,
sometimes we just don't realize.
it really is beyond words.

any book, journal, notebook will do...
i have some fun notebooks from my shop i like to use.
do you keep a prayer notebook?
have you looked back mentally or in your book to see answered prayers?


  1. I don't keep a prayer list, but I just finished The Help and thought about doing the same. Your notebooks are beautiful!

  2. i really like this idea...i missed this while reading the help. thanks for the reminder!

  3. I've also done this off and on. I need to do this, it helps maintain a grateful and joyful heart. Thanks for the reminder ;)


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