Monday, July 25, 2011


have you ever been moved? we recently moved to a new town, but that's not the kind of "moved" i am talking about. the kind of moved that we hold back from, hesitate to go to, emotionally, in public, in front of others. yet when something actually moves you, you really are moved to action. for some it is an emotional reaction, others move to do something to help, fix, save.

i went to our first new church in our new town yesterday and...

i was


and it was hard to stay grounded and look flawless in front of all these kind strangers. grabbed i was by the spirit, moved yes, by the Word. THANK GOD. thank you pastor Bob.
i didn't know what was to come by moving 300 miles away from deep roots and an incredible community that has been family.

pastor Bob said that God has plans for me *tear*
God has plans for you *sigh*
God is not done with us *sobbing* where's the kleenex? -the one thing i always need but never bring to church.

moving out of our comfort zones isn't easy, but it is the answer. instead of sitting on our faithful hands we need to have compassion for those who need Jesus. for those who are lost and cannot see, we need to be the light we were sent to be.

i have been moved.

ps. the kids loved it too :)


  1. Wow, you have no idea how timely this post it! I have been struggling with finding a church ever since I moved to nyc in january. You see, I have had wonderful church experiences my whole life and i have experienced true, raw, life-giving community. Now I am extremely picky and just yesterday I was thinking about how overly guarded I am. It's encouraging to read about your experience in a new place. Praying that my heart will be open, too!

    Thanks a bunch for sharing your heart :)
    Love, Emily

  2. YAY! So very very very happy for you....may you continue to be moved through His Grace!

  3. We just recently started attending a church in our "new" town, and I've had several moments like this. It's wonderful to feel God so fully isn't it?

  4. hip hip hooray! God's watching you krystina, and he's got a big smile on his face!!

  5. I was fully moved at church yesterday too

    so glad that you had that experience. it's renewing, isn't it?


  6. We have moved a lot.. and I've been moved by Jesus's love for me. This post brought up a lot of emotions b/c of being in a new place(town) and being a part of a new church, etc, etc. I so related with you... thank you for sharing.

  7. We are about to move across the country, and I don't know what God has in store for us or what will happen. Heck, we are moving in 2 weeks and haven't even found a place to live yet! We probably won't find one until we get there... this is not like me. I DO NOT like the way this move is going, but I am trusting that God will provide. I am trusting He will provide for us even though we will have no friends or family around us. Even though my schedule will be shaken up... who knows when we will get a date night without any sitters around... all those little things bother me... but I have to trust. I know God has plans for our family... guess we will see what happens! =) #excited #scared


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