Friday, July 15, 2011

InstaFriday: this was my week

i am not going to say a word.
i am going to leave you with this...


i love you guys!
have a wonderful weekend :)
Sweet Shot Day


  1. Your scaring me- which came first- the cookie dough or the pull on pants?

  2. I guess there is comfort in know that if you eat a ton of cookies that there are jeans you can always fit into.

  3. i wish that would've been my week. i've felt like that should've been my week. lol i think i might get me a pair of pajama jeans. my friend has them & they looks adorable!

  4. I don't even have words for pajama jeans. I can't imagine what they actually look like on. And that they make me think of the SNL skit Mom Jeans in a way.

    Okay, I guess I do have words.

    I didn't finish cookie dough, but I could show you my empty Ben & Jerry's. As in more than one empty half pint.

    Popped over from InstaFriday. :)

  5. MUAHAHAHAHAA. This is totally my kind of post.

    Would you judge me if I said I totally want to go out and buy both of those right now? They should offer a package deal! ;)

  6. Those two pictures together...hilarious:-) Visiting from InstaFridays!

  7. I have seen these "jeans" before and always thought they were hilarious! Are they really comfortable?? LOL!! :P

  8. hahaha, that was your week. I won't tell about mine!

  9. You are a hoot! That was so funny! Maybe we could have a pajama jean and cookie dough party, wherein we eat like pigs but still looks fabulous!


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