Friday, July 22, 2011


here's my week through instagram photos...

saturday: sweet goodies at the stitch market boutique last weekend

monday: my inbox runneth over. it was time for a clean out.

monday: my regularly scheduled evening -twitter via tweet deck and blogging

tuesday: driving along the coast from our old home to our new one
stopped for lunch in Ventura

thursday: walked across the street to the beach 
this is the lifeguard tower with the day's conditions

thursday: finally unpacked lollipops cards and got to work.
the living room floor is my craft room for now.

have a wonderful weekend!!
Sweet Shot Day


  1. First time here. Found you through InstaFriday. Good ol' In-n-Out. It's fun to find new sites. Nice.

  2. Same here. So glad I found it!! Your header is just lovely :)

  3. Love the photograph of the lifeguard tower... if only they were as wonderful looking over here in the UK!

  4. Your pictures are so simple, yet so beautiful! I love the colors. Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

  5. came from m3b - mmmMMmM inNout...none in the midwest! I have to craft on my closet floor :(

  6. I love the pictures! Wow! You're inspiring, thank you!

  7. I adore your slice of life photos. I definitely miss the CA beaches.


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