Monday, July 11, 2011

calendar-aholic intervention?

i have an addiction problem.
ok, well, other than cookies, chocolate, and paper.
i am addicted to planners, calendars, organizers.
send help.

i keep buying new ones.
i keep looking for the perfect planner.
one that will organize my life.

ok, ok, i know i have to do it, the planner won't.
but aren't they so pretty? aren't they so promising?
the lines, grids, to do's, task lists, dates, times...

planners anonymous?
calendar-aholic intervention?
hold me.

the future laid out in front of my eyes
a blank canvas to paint my plans, my life, however i chose.

and yet, i can't seem to stick to one,
so therefore i lose the whole idea of being organized
and having a planner/calendar to begin with.

what do you use?
what types of things keep you organized?
are you a member of CAA?
(calendar-aholics anonymous)


  1. Can't help you there. I'm overly in love with my filofax myself. It's my diary, my calender, my birthday reminder, my book of ideas. I've made a habit to check it every morning, to see what's on the agenda for the day and the week ahead.

    (My second big love are post-its!)

  2. I love love love datebooks. I used to get just as excited over my schedulers. However, since getting my iPod Touch, I started using an app called "Awesome Note". It's truly awesome and it doubles as my datebook. It's so handy, pretty, and useful! If you have an iPod or iPhone, I highly recommend that app!

  3. Oh, I sooo love anything tied to planning and organization! I am trying to transfer from old school day planners to my calendar on my phone. I'm a work in progress.

  4. i don't think i'll ever switch to digital calendars & planners...there's something magical about seeing it all on paper and holding it in your hand.

  5. I LOVE our "Planner Pad". I have a friend who is a professional organizer and this is the brand she recommended to us and we've loved it for the last 6 years. : )

  6. i thought i might be the only one! I have an addiction too! i can't do digital - I'm an old fashioned girl. I like to be able to write it down, open it up and see it!

  7. Yes! Icalendar on my phone holds bdays, mommy calendar On the wall keeps track of my kids' milestones before i get out their baby books & my favorite paper one and really the Only one that has it all - gym, meals, appts, etc. Sorry about my o being large. Typing on my phone isn't my fav ;)

  8. yes, that was me! But having a iphone and ipad I decided I needed to go digital. It was hard at first but I'm finally used to it. What's working for me is google calendar - I have several different calendars and love how you can view all or just one and share them (with my husband for ex). I have personal, my son, family, and business. I'll also be adding one as a blog schedule. On my iphone I view the google calendar with CalenGoo and it syncs niceley.

    I still feel lust when I seem some nice planners but it was time to go digital. I love mom agenda but didn't quite work for me. Latest lust is for Erin Condren planner.

  9. I used to use the fancy Franklin-Covey planners but it was just TOO fancy for me. All i need is a planner with space to write for each day. Keep it small- no need for anything bulky. always write in pencil. :)

  10. ohmygoodnessgracious...I'm totally with you. I will attend the planners anonymous with you if you find one ;) I have a MILLION planners and as a matter of fact, I have a MILLION journals too...I'm a list maker, and finding the right planner, journal, notepad, etc. is addicting!! lol ;)


  11. Yes! I just did my WILW on it - lol! Send me the ones you don't use {j/k}!


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