Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No.49}

since i am celebrating my 1 year blogiversary i want to thank the
amazing blogging community for their huge support

i wouldn't be where i am today with out my blogging friends and all my wonderful readers.
and i wouldn't have nearly as much inspiration for blogging.

((hugs)) to the blogger/reader community - you're what i am loving today!
you make me smile everyday!
it really is all about people and community, isn't it? thank you!
-i hope you don't mind if i "stole" your twitter pic ;)

can't wait to see what you're loving today!!!


  1. happy birthday to your blog. So glad I found it. I linked up some yummy treats this week: Chocolate Haystacks, Chocolate Cake Truffles and Gingerbread. enjoy

  2. Isn't the blogosphere such a supportive place? Keep up the great work. You (and your blog) are awesome!

  3. So sweet! Thanks for adding me to your blog family pic:) love our community!

  4. That's like the sweetest post ever, how cuuute!

  5. You are sweeter than grandma's pie! I'm right there with you, this community is so supportive. Thanks for including me dear!

  6. yay! happy bloggy birthday :) it is a great community to be a part of, isn't it?! cheers to you!!!

  7. Thanks for including me in your little love fest. :) I love this community too. It's awesome & amazing and I'm constantly inspired by the wonderful women around me. So lucky to have you all in my life. Happy Blog Birthday again, Krystina!! xoxo

  8. ohhhh i feel so special to be on your page!

    I am SO thankful for YOU! That I met you in real life! This is a great community and I feel so blessed by you and so many others!

    happy blog birthday Krystina!!

  9. Wow! Only one year...great job. :) Happy Anniversary.

  10. Happy bloggy birthday!
    I love it!
    thanks for the pic.

  11. Aw, I didn't expect to see my face there!! Thanks, Krystina! I didn't get a chance to link up this week...I'll be back next week. :)


  12. i am lookin' like the biggest dork up there in that group of beautiful women. ha!


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