Saturday, January 14, 2012

fabulous finds! {january}

welcome to a new monthly section on lollipops...
-fabulous finds!
a collection of things i find inspiring, pretty, and stuff that just makes me smile.
and i thought i should share them with you.
i hope you will enjoy it.

i love the back on this dress
art by lauren king

very inspiring spool wreath, makes me want to collect hundreds of old spools and make it now!
big K with wine corks... again need to start collecting
paint chip art tutorial here by a beautiful mess {love}
a wonderful idea for camera display especially if you lack 
the coveted cameras like me ;)

i hope i have inspired you today.


  1. That "K" is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing these :)

  2. I LOVE that K with the wine bottle corks... definately something for me to try. Fun for my kitchen.
    A lovely happy blog post. Jennie. x

  3. Well ... you know I like that wreath ;). And guess what I picked up today?? Two large glass containers of wooden spools. Can't wait to create a little sumpin' sumpin' with them and share!! :D


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