Friday, January 6, 2012


a few weeks off of instafriday for whatever reason i don't know, except for maybe the fact
that in the Christmas whirlwind i didn't take many iPhone photos?
toasted onion bagel sandwich... so good!

the boy on his little bike

sewing my heart on my sleeve

a trip to my happy place

i can't stop drinking this every. single. night. yum.

launched my web design studio this monday :)


Siri #fail. good for a laugh :)

for those of you who follow me on instagram probably know i have quietly started a new years resolution, only talked about through instagram.

building a habit of just showing up to the gym (yes, i have also been exercising).
getting out the door is actually the hardest part for me.
i have 1 million reasons not to go, and 1 million things to do... instead.

funny thing.
those 1 million things are still waiting for me when i get back :)

day 1. worked out with Phoenix and made a yummy smoothie after.

day 2. i made it.

day 3. loved this song to step to the beat on the stairmaster :)

i even took a shower at the gym. childcare is priceless.
love these new boots!!!!!

how was your week?

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Sweet Shot Day


  1. I'm loving the heart-on-sleeve photo <3

  2. Good job on going to the gym!! Proud of you!

    & Starbucks cocoa is SO yummy. :)

  3. how did you add the instagram badge?
    i just tried and it's not working on my blog :(

  4. That bagel sandwich looks in.cred.i.ble! YUM! You got me droolin' over here!

  5. You really had a fantastic week - so many great photos to share!

    I love the heart on the sweater sleeve, and that bagel sandwich is really making my tummy grumble.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend my dear!

  6. dying over the siri fail. Lol! congrats on the fancy new site, wowie. and holla for that happy place, love!
    best wishes on your goals!

  7. I laughed forever when I saw that siri fail on instagram. Awesome! Your sandwich looks soo yummy!!!

  8. congrats on opening your design studio! thats so exciting! its something i've wanted to do for a goal in 2012! :)

  9. Hiya! I almost forgot to let you know that yours is one of my top ten reads. I love your blog and have tagged you for a little award on my blog. x

  10. oh that avocado looks so good and I LOVE phoenix and the postal service!

  11. Love that outfit and those booooooots! Really enjoyed all your pics!!!


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