Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shop Talk {Move to Storenvy}

Visit my store on Storenvy 
here's why i moved to storenvy
it's free! no listing fees, NO selling fees! what? i don't know. yea, pretty awesome.
that was enough for me to decide right there.

i also love the storefront, they make my product photos look so awesome!
i easily added a pretty background.

i love the individual product pages

it's a social shopping experience...

great dashboard

if you want to pay, add your own domain and discount codes (still can't beat the deal!)

here's the bad
so far no orders.
yes :(
help storenvy!
while i was with etsy i had my best sales out of the 3 places i have sold with.
is that just a coincidence?
not sure how to proceed other than keeping both etsy and storenvy
phasing out of bigcartel slowly as all my biz cards say bigcartel.
btw, just got an order through bigcartel last night! sooo, ahem.

for reference see my etsy vs bigcartel post here.

what do you think? 
have you sold/shopped with storenvy?