Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Love Wednesday {No. 47}

my friend Betsy has the most lovely snow globe collection on her coffee table every year.
and every year i drool over each beautiful piece...
then i take a hanky and wipe, ok just kidding.
it really is lovely.
i think the two reasons i love it so much is:
1. i love Betsy :)
and 2. i can tell it didn't happen in one year, she has been collecting her
snow globes {passionately} over many years, and i think that is beautiful.

this what i love wednesday is dedicated to my lovely friend Betsy, who by no reason of blogging, fame, fortune, or ulterior motive she just is. and i miss her.
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  1. Awe how sweet. I love the ring globe...too cool. My adorable niece collects globes, she's been doing it for about six years so she started when she was like 4. She'll have quite the collection someday. :) Thanks for letting me link up. Mine may seem a little strange but I absolutely LOVE setting goals so...

    Jessica Washburn

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Krystina! This is definitely the time of year that everyone should count themselves happy if they have special people in their lives! Wonderful pictures! I don't know why, but snow globes always make me feel very melancholic!

  3. Oh, that snow globe ring is just magical!!


  4. I have a snow globe love too....and I'm dying over that ring. For reals.

  5. Wow! I love snow globes too. We have about five Christmas ones that the kids have been amassing over the past few years. There's something a little bit magical about them isn't there? x


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