Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 year ago...

i sat at my keyboard and plunked away html code to create lollipops.
for many hours of the day and late into the night.
yes, it was new years eve, the surfer guy was actually away on business (sadly).
and with 3 kiddos i wasn't planning on going to any swanky parties.
the other thought was, with all the frivolity who's going to notice
my blog in the middle of construction? that was my thought.

lollipops in the "early days" 

i learned so much in one night writing code from scratch all by myself, i couldn't believe it! i love learning! and i love creating! what a perfect match!

so with the dawn of 2012 begins year 2 for lollipops.
all next week i will be celebrating my 1st bloggy birthday complete with giveaways to
thank you, dear readers and subscribers, for your amazing support and friendships!

i hope you will join me for twenty-twelve!



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