Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Queen Bee Market -Recap-

happy thursday friends!
this month is already flying by so fast i can feel the
wind in my hair and the chill on my cheeks!

i wanted to share pics with you from the recent queen bee market...

here's my booth:

lots of new goodies listed in the shop. be sure to check them out!

other lovely friends include:
Smitten. awesome stuff. she's local so i will be shopping with her soon!

Blue Corduroy. i want a stocking, oh, and a hat and oh, the scarf is a must have...
just give me one of everything!

Stacy Lynn whom i bought a lovely purse from you will see later in a future post... 
(the purse, not Stacy)

D+A Home *i love their stuff* 

Fairly Fabulous oh yes - see my wreath down there? mmm hmm! 

earth cookie - every time i see their lovely booth i am drooling in a fascinated paralysis

mommy you soap it -i made her banner! she had such sweet and adorable soaps!

inspire lovely. need i say more?

emmy always has me weak in the knees with her wares ;) 

 Creme De La Gems. ok get out! i want that little mini stove, it's so stinkin cute!

that's it, a winter wonderland of lovelies!
have a wonderful day!


  1. Your booth is sooooo lovely! That market looks like trouble for me, and that mini stove is ridiculously awesome! I have my last craft show of the year on the 17th, there's some great inspiration here.

  2. Love all the vintage furniture as displays, but how do they haul all that around to every show?!?

  3. that is a good question Melissa!
    we pack it tightly, some of us have trailers or large trucks.
    my pvc walls come apart and some of my tables fold.
    i fit it in my minivan -it's amazing how much i can get in there.
    it's tricky to pack your booth AND your wares! it is definitely a process.
    i think the real trick lies in unloading and setting up in 2 hours!
    first there are parking issues, and how many times can i go out to the car without overloading my arms?!!

    ...sounds like a blog post brewing ;)

    i'm so glad you're here!

  4. I was thinking more about how difficult it'd be hauling it from the vehicle to the booth location. I've got a pickup (and trailer if I need it), but I usually am setting up and tearing down alone, so all pieces of my display have to be things I can carry by myself.

    I'd love a blog post about the logistics of getting to & setting up for a show! :)


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