Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December

hello friends! happy first day of December!
i am so excited for this month!

we have just moved into our new place.
we have a bit more space and a lot more light! yay!

so now we have a lot of unpacking to do,
i can't seem to find my socks so i am wearing the surfer guy's.
i have mountains of laundry (oh, maybe my socks are in there!)
i have orders waiting to be shipped.
i have a ton of new products to add to the shop.
yesterday i couldn't find my wallet.
we all keep bumping into boxes and things and are trying to keep our patience.
but i love making home, don't you?
i can't wait to put the tree up and decorate this Sunday!

i have a few sponsor spots available for this month.
if you are interested click here to see my low rates and fun packages.

what do you have planned for this month?

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  1. Your blog is so cute. I love the layout. :)




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