Monday, December 5, 2011


hello, and happy Monday!

here's a little update:
we are still unpacking all our things and moving into our new place.
we cleaned the garage and put up our tree.
now i have more mountains of laundry (seems like the more i do, the more i have).
i am trying to send out all my Christmas cards... i'm halfway done.

we spent the weekend at Magic Mountain for my oldest's cheer competition...
they placed first!
we all enjoyed the rides, Mr. Boy loved the train and cars and planes.

i very much enjoyed the "Tatsu" -that thing is worth the price of admission!
please ride if you can as long as you like roller coasters.

yes, i know i still haven't listed my new goodies in the shop
-i hope to have that done by tomorrow.
and i will be blogging my queen bee market recap this thursday.

please check out Xander and how you can help him here.

and say hello to my lovely sponsors!
they are the best!!!

knitty bitties
sugar and dots
sew beastly
fairly fabulous

how was your weekend?
what are your plans for the week?