Monday, August 15, 2011

back-to-school week {lunch wares}

this week i am doing a back-to-school series on the blog!
i get excited every year at this time, even though i am sad to say goodbye to summer, i look forward to more structured days and weeks. the new beginnings with new classes, books, teachers, and friends. + i love the crisp orangy beauty of fall.

this year we are switching from homeschooling to public school - big changes i hope we all handle well. my girls have been ready to go to public school for over a year now and moving to a new area makes it seem like good timing.

tuesday i will share some neat recipes designed for packing
wednesday will be what i love wednesday back-to-school edition (please share yours!)
thursday i will share my favorite school supplies and decor
and friday i will share some cute back-to-school ideas and organization

so today i will be sharing ideas for lunch boxes, bento boxes,
and other wares for your child's lunch toting. click the photos for the links.
a lunch packing station. genius!

lego bento boxes

cute DIY lunch bags

insulated picnic basket for family field trips

 i love bento boxes

i have some new printed lunch bags in the shop!

a free printable for your lunches!

see you tomorrow ;)


  1. good luck! i love the lunch packing station and I'm a big fan of paper bag lunches :)

  2. I LOVE this post! I always try to make my kids' lunches memorable - I am definitely going to do the printables when school starts on the 29th!

  3. I love your work! It's adorable and so much fun. So happy to have found your blog!


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